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Registration for the 2023 VCC Compensation Survey is CLOSED.
Please check back in September 2024 for registration.

VCC Compensation Survey

General Information

Following your registration on the form below, Quorum Compensation Group (Quorum) will email the 2023 VCC Compensation Survey Submission Kit to the person who submits the Participant Registration Form. The submission kit consists of an Excel workbook that contains all data forms and job descriptions.

Important: Following publication of the survey results, Quorum will be returning each participant's CONFIDENTIAL submission data and requested reports to the person submitting the Data Submission . This CONFIDENTIAL data needs to be sent to the appropriate individual within your organization.

The price for the 2024 VCC Compensation Survey is $1,695. The full report consists of multiple compensation reports for all 122 selected positions by 3 geographic regions, union/non-union, and all VCC data, providing we can meet Safe Harbor Guidelines for publication of data.

Get more information about the survey jobs.

One hundred twenty-two (122) member companies provided data for this survey in 2023.

Additional reports will include prevalence of benefits, salary administration, Operator, I & E, Mechanic and Lab progression and pay practices and more, plus an Executive Summary. Report formats include MS Excel and Adobe PDF and are delivered by email enclosed in a Zip file.

For those of you who may have budgetary constraints, or if the full report described above is not required, a participant may choose to order just the Executive Summary for $495. The Executive Summary will include summary data and highlights of key points in the survey report. The Executive Summary is published in Adobe PDF format and is emailed to the person completing the data submission.

Each participant will be invoiced by email following transmittal of the submission kit. Invoices are sent to the person that registers and are due and payable within 10 days.

Participants are not required to make a purchase, but participation is a membership obligation per the VCC by-laws. Absolutely NO data will be made available to non participants. Participation is defined as matching a reasonable number of positions based upon the size of the facility.

After you register, please mark your calendar and plan to complete and email the Excel Survey Submission worksheet to Quorum by November 18, 2024. It is imperative that the submissions are received in a timely manner in order to complete the analysis and publish the results Mid-January, 2025.

The form below is provided for your convenience in requesting information about the 2024 VCC Compensation Survey. If you represent a chemical manufacturing facility in Texas or Louisiana, your site may be eligible for membership in the VCC. Any information provided below will be used to help determine eligibility and will be shared with the VCC Membership committee.

VCC Compensation Survey Participant Information Request;

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Mailing Address:

*Email Address:
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*Direct Telephone & Extension:
Cell Phone Number:

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Locations to be Reported:
Please list the location name, city and ZIP Code for each location that you will be reporting.
VCC Company Number(s):
Please list the VCC Company Number for EACH location(s) you will be reporting.
Special Instructions:

If you have questions, please check this box and we will call you.

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It is the policy of Quorum Compensation Group, Inc. (The Quorum Group) that personal information gathered through submission of data to The Quorum Group will be used for the purpose of administration of the respective assignment and/or survey for which it was submitted. The Quorum Group does not release personal information to any other party.

It is the policy of Quorum Compensation Group, Inc. (The Quorum Group) to ensure that all data submitted to us is statistically presented in surveys to ensure non-disclosure of specific participant practices.

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