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More Information About the 2021 BCPC Texas Mid Coast Chemicals Compensation Survey

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The BCPC Texas Mid Coast Chemicals Compensation Survey was established in 2010 at the request of members of the Chemical and Petrochemical industries in Brazoria County. The area covered by this survey includes Brazoria County, and portions of southern Harris County, Galveston County, Matagorda County, Jackson County, Calhoun County and Victoria County.

The survey has been extended south along the Texas coast through Corpus Christi to the Kingsville area. This will include the counties of Aransas, Kleberg, Nueces, Refugio and San Patricio.

Data collection date is April 1, 2021.

Survey Key Points:

  • Reports on 122 jobs common to the Petrochemical Industry;

  • Reliable and timely wage and salary information;

  • Comprehensive analysis regarding external competitiveness;

  • Assistance in diagnosing current and potential internal equity issues;

  • Accurately compare wages/salaries to the pay practices of other Petro-Chem companies in Brazoria County and surrounding areas including the Mid Texas Coastal area;

  • Develop, implement and monitor an over-all pay policy that supports the corporate strategy;

  • Meets US Department of Justice Safe Harbor Guidelines.

All Data is reported on multiple Excel and PDF files enclosed in a single ZIP file and emailed to the person submitting the data. Separately, the participant's Confidential Company Analysis is sent by USPS Priority Mail to the person submitting the data for the survey.

The Survey report shows the lowest, average, highest, median and employee weighted pay practices for each survey position as well as the 25th, and 75th percentiles. Salary range information is also reported for each position along with the number of collective bargaining units, the number of companies that pay bonuses/incentives and the average bonus/incentive paid.

Pay practices are also summarized for each position based upon company size where possible.

Salary administration practices reported include types of salary increases, method of distributing increases, last merit budget, the prevalence of various reward systems, shift differential, progression rates, pay practices specific to process operations and paid time off.

Survey pricing:

  • Price $1295
  • Optional - Submit data for your location and receive the Executive Summary at no charge.
  • The BCPC Texas Mid Coast Chemicals Compensation Survey is a closed survey. This survey will NOT be sold to Non-Participants.

Register to Participate in the 2021 BCPC Texas Mid Coast Chemicals Compensation Survey.
Get more information about the survey jobs.

It is the policy of Quorum Compensation Group, Inc. (The Quorum Group) that personal information gathered through submission of data to The Quorum Group will be used for the purpose of administration of the respective assignment and/or survey for which it was submitted. The Quorum Group does not release personal information to any other party.

It is the policy of Quorum Compensation Group, Inc. (The Quorum Group) to ensure that all data submitted to us is statistically presented in surveys to ensure non-disclosure of specific participant practices.

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