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Who We Are

The Quorum Group (incorporated as Quorum Compensation Group, Inc.), founded in 1986 by seasoned human resource professionals, provides services in Compensation and Human Resources. We are a hands-on, business-oriented consulting and outsourcing team. We design cost-effective programs that build loyalty, motivate employees, improve productivity, and hone your competitive edge.

We offer base compensation, sales incentive and variable compensation design and implementation programs for organizations in such diverse industries as chemicals, petrochemicals, utilities, telecommunications, aerospace, heavy and light manufacturing, food processing, agri-business, energy, financial services, engineering, economic development, architecture, construction, transportation and non-profit.

What We Offer

  • Affirmative Action Program Support
  • Base Compensation Studies
  • Custom Surveys
  • Job Documentation
  • Job Measurement
  • Policy and Procedure Design and Implementation
  • Position Evaluation
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Sales, Group and Individual Incentive Programs
  • Startup Assistance
  • Structure Analysis
  • Training
  • Wage, Salary and Benefit Surveys

When To Call

Whether yours is a century-old company or start-up, Quorum Compensation Group can provide the human resource tools to ensure you are on the right track for growth. If you are just opening the doors, we will develop a plan to guide your staffing, evaluation, compensation/incentive programs for years ahead. If your company is experiencing problems - attrition, low moral, inertia - we will assess your existing system and fine-tune it to achieve your objectives.

Why Quorum?

So you can concentrate on running your business! As the work force changes in educational background, ethnic mix, age and gender, you must adjust your human resources programs. But you have a multitude of other management responsibilities. We maximize your investment of time and money in people, first by analyzing your company's structure and strategies, then by cost-effectively creating the right plan for you and teaching your staff how to implement and use it.

For more information, contact Quorum Compensation Group:

Houston Area Office Dallas Area Office Austin Area Office
John G. Brau, SPHR
P.O. Box 2121
Alvin, Texas 77512-2121
Office: 281-393-1100

Brian S. Schroeder
P.O. Box 852586
Richardson, TX 75085-2586
Office: 903-951-2099
Cell: 214-763-0741

Amy B. Goldenburg
Leander, TX
Tel.: 512-415-0459

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